January 24, 2009 - March 28, 2009 // OTIS Ben Maltz Gallery, Los Angeles
The Future Imaginary
Jeff Cain
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The Southwest Passage is a video research project that documents the many natural and man made water systems of Los Angeles from a vantage point of just above water level. Inspired by the elusive Northwest Passage, the fabled water route through the Americas and into the Pacific Ocean.  The Southwest Passage is an attempt to present a non-linear experience of documentary footage so to contemplate the actual interconnectedness of the rivers, lakes, storm drains, seccos, and sewers of Southern California.

The footage is captured using a half dozen different custom built remote controlled boats, rafts, and all terrain vehicles exploring the LA River, Arroyo Secco, Lincoln Park Lake, and many other local bodies of water.  The individual channels connect this footage through fictitious edits so that a culver in the Arroyo Secco comes out in Hollenbeck Park Lake, or footage from a capsized boat in the LA River comes up in the Bollona Wetlands.   The final piece then creates a fictitious space which will hopefully create a discursive space on the present and future of water in local landscape.