January 24, 2009 - March 28, 2009 // OTIS Ben Maltz Gallery, Los Angeles
The Future Imaginary
Aaron Drake and Kari Rae Seekins
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The Imaginary 20th Century

Aaron Drake and Kari Rae Seekins were originally brought onto the Imaginary 20th Century project, with the task of creating a unique soundscape to accompany the images on the DVD Novel.  The end result was 14 different non-linear compositions, consisting of collaged music and sounds.  The compositions were inspired by the time period and Klein’s narrative.

Postcard, uses 4 channel variations of the collaged soundscapes, played through hyper-directional speakers.  The narrow “soundbeams,” created by the speakers, create a fragmented compositional event for the listener.  As the listener walks around the gallery, they experience small patches of sound, which support whatever their visual frame happens to be at that time.  The postcard is an image described with short narrative that gives the recipient a tiny window into the memory of another’s travels.  In this piece the Gallery serves as the postcard image, and the fragmented sound serves as the narrative. 

Audio from Postcard